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The law firm of O'Malley & Magley handles insurance defense cases and workers compensation claims for insurance companies, third-party insurers, and self-insured entities.  Though our offices are located within the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania metro areas, we provide personalized, professional legal representation to insurance entities across the state.

We represent many medium and large-sized insurance companies, but our practice in recent years has accepted more and more cases from self-insured or captive insured companies.  These might be construction companies, corporations, small to medium sized businesses, cooperatives of farmers or a group of municipalities that are collectively responsible for insurance claims up to a certain threshold value. 

With its strong history of handling in insurance defense cases, our law firm keeps costs low by carefully evaluating cases and providing detailed analysis to ensure favorable results.  Our goal is to close these files as soon as possible and pass the savings in time and preparation on to you.  However, we are not afraid to try a case and take multiple cases to verdict before Judges, juries and arbitration panels across Pennsylvania each year.

If you are an insurance company, a corporation or a third-party provider that needs experienced legal representation, contact O'Malley & Magley to schedule an appointment.  We offer a free initial consultation.







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